About Us

Integrated Trades Training Services Founder, Mellisa Wynter

Our Founder


In her previous roles as the Director of Apprenticeship & Training and the Director of the Skill Build Training Services Division for the Canadian Home Builders Association - Saskatchewan, our founder, Mellisa Wynter, led a team of coordinators who provided Human Resources services to the Residential Construction Industry. They provided full cycle recruitment services, information and guidance on succession planning, health and safety, apprenticeship programs and placements, technical and essential skills assessment and upskilling, administration and updating of the Certified Professional Home Builders Program; the industry recognized seal of approval for home builders and renovators. 

Mellisa was also responsible for the monitoring and oversight of six provincially funded contracts worth over $500,000 annually. This included detailed reporting and accounting for all expenditures and activities related to each contract as well as writing proposals to gain additional funding for contract renewals. 

She was also involved in a national project funded by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) in Partnership with Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (currently known as Saskatchewan Polytechnic) and the Canadian Home Builders Association - Saskatchewan. For the project a case study was conducted on improving the Essential Skills of construction workers through an online platform. 

Ms. Wynter has also sat on several boards and committees as a representative of the residential construction industry. She has a passion, not for the construction industry, but for the thousands of people who work in it.


Mellisa is committed, loyal and someone  who seeks to always increase professionalism and organizational processes and efficiencies. She has a successful track record of building highly productive and cohesive teams.

Integrated Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide supportive guidance and sound advice in a effort to remove barriers to hiring and training apprentices. This will also include efforts on increasing the number of women employed in the trades. As a result, we will enjoy a highly skilled, homegrown workforce which will work to increase professionalism and quality throughout trades industries in Saskatchewan.


Why Us?

During her time at CHBA - Saskatchewan Ms. Wynter was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and speak with, not just home builders and contractors, but with home buyers and home owners as well. More often than she liked she would speak to an elderly couple or widow who had hired an unscrupulous contractor who left them devoid of their savings accounts and with unfinished, shoddy construction and renovation projects. 

Mellisa founded Integrated Trades Training Services as a way of encouraging technical training in the trades and as a result, increasing professionalism in an industry that can, at times, resemble the wild west. And let's face it, fly-by-night con-artists don't generally feel compelled to get involved in formal training programs like those of SATCC.

 By joining forces with Integrated Trades Training Services and getting involved in apprenticeship training you will be creating a more positive image for your business. As a result you will have more opportunities, fewer costly mistakes, increased loyalty and more.

We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re a large firm with dozens of employees or a small contractor with one employee, we want to hear from you. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone; you don't have to either.