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Our Integrated Approach


Our Integrated Approach means you never have to do anything alone.

When we combine the needs and goals of your business with our knowledge and ability, everyone wins! We offer a full line of quality services, backed by industry expertise that you can trust. 

Our Integrated Approach to employee training and development will be implemented by working collaboratively with the employer, the apprentice and the training provider. As the liaison between all interested parties, our approach to training coordination ensures the training goals and objectives are met, while reducing the amount of your time, energy and resources required to do so.

According to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) there are five steps to hiring an apprentice which include:

1. Hire

  • Ensure a safe and harassment free workplace.
  • Recruit an apprentice.
  • Pay the apprentice accordingly.

2. Register

  • Connect with SATCC to determine registration process.
  • Complete paperwork with your apprentice.
  • Ensure required supporting documents are attached and forms signed.
  • Apply for employer tax credits and grants, encourage apprentice to apply for grants.

3. Assign a Mentor

  • Identify a mentor with capacity and willingness to share knowledge.
  • Familiarize mentor with skills required in the apprenticeship training program.
  • Help mentor identify apprentice strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • Consider putting training plan in place to keep everyone on track.

4. Document the Training

  • Document progress in accordance with SATCC regulations.
  • Provide opportunities to do a variety of tasks and complete safety training.
  • Update and review documents with mentor and apprentice on a regular basis.
  • Release apprentice to attend technical training when the opportunity arises.

5. Support Certification

  • Encourage progression and provide incentives such as wage increases.
  • Facilitate upgrading or provide other supports if required.
  • Encourage your apprentice to write the exam when he has completed his on-the-job-training hours.
  • Ensure certification paperwork is completed.

As a busy business owner the last thing you need is to be bogged down by additional paperwork and administrative duties. At Integrated Trades Training Services our consultants will work with you through each step of the process. From completing forms and gathering documents to tracking trade time and communicating with the Apprenticeship Commission, we make getting involved in apprenticeship training a breeze. 

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Integrated Trades Training Services

Integrated Trades Training Services